Grazing Normandy Cow

A Normande Cow grazing in the fields. The Normany cattle breed comes from North Western France, is dual purpose but is noted for its dairy.

Normande or Normande Cow Photo

The Normande or Normandy Cow is a breed that orginated in the north west region of France. It is a dual purpose breed, but is noted for its fine dairy production.

Grazing Guernsey Cattle

Guernsey Cattle, grazing in the fields of the British Channel Island of Guernsey.

Guernsey Cow Photo

As its name suggests, the Guernsey breed of cattle orginated in the British Channel Island of Guernsey over 300 years ago. It is primarily used for dairy.

Gloucester Cattle Photo

The Gloucester cattle breed originated from Gloucestershire in England. They are a dual purpose breed but are highly valued for their dairy, producing excellent cheese.

German Red Pied Cow

The German Red Pied Cattle breed orginated in Germany in the 1800's. It is similar to the Dutch Red Pied Cattle.

Gelbvieh Cow and Calves Photo

The dual purpose breed of Gelbvieh cattle orginated in Germany but are now also found throughout the world in Australia, America, New Zealand and South Africa.

Gelbvieh Cattle Photo

The Gelbvieh Breed of cattle originated in Germany and is a dual purpose breed. It is now found throughout the world, in Australia, the United States, New Zealand and South Africa.

Fleckvieh Cow

The Fleckvieh cattle breed are found in Germany, Italy, Austria and France. It is a dual purpose breed.

French Simmental Cow

The French Simmental Cow or Simmental Francaise was also known as the Eastern Red Pied Cow. Primarily used for Dairy.

Abondance Cow Photo

The Abondance breed of cattle are found in France.

Ala Tau Cow Photo

The Ala Tau cattle are found in the mountains of Kazakhstan.

Anatolian Black Bullock Photo

The Anatolian breed of cattle is found in Turkey.

Anatolian Cows Photo

The Anatolian is a breed of cattle from Turkey.

Armorican or Armoricaine Cow Photo

The Armorican or Armoricain cattle originated in France in the 19th century.

Arouquesa Cow

The Arouquesa cattle is a breed from Portugal.

Braunvieh Cow Photo

The Braunvieh cattle originate from Switzerland.

Dexter Cow and Calf Photo

The Dexter is a small breed of cattle mainly found in North America and Britain.

Evolene Cow Photo

cow photos evolene cattle dairy from switzerland The Evolene is a breed of dairy cattle from the Valais Canton in Switzerland.